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Faithful companions, intelligent, energetic, easy-to-train, friendly, and don’t even shed, or at least shed very little…

Who wouldn’t fall in Love with Goldendoodles?

If you ask anyone who owns a Goldendoodle, they’ll likely give you a long list of reasons how this breed has enhanced their lives. While the decision of whether or not you should have a Goldendoodle as a new member of your family is easy, finding a reputable breeder may pose a challenge.

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Doodle Village in Utah

Having a new puppy join your family can be one of the greatest experiences in your life. At Doodle Village, we strive to ease the process of incorporating a new member into your family. We go to great lengths to assure each family gets their perfect match.

We are committed to matching families with the right puppies for them. We provide all health information regarding our puppies including a copy of their parents’ genetic health test results, vaccine certificate, and registration papers when appropriate. The studs we use are always AKC registered. “Designer dogs” like Goldendoodles aren’t registered with the AKC, but their genetic lines ALWAYS start with both the male and the female that are AKC registered.

We proudly utilize

Puppy Culture

We start stimulating our newborn puppies from days 3-16 with the Puppy Culture neurological exercises, so they can grow with healthier hearts, stronger immune systems, more resiliency and overall well-being. We proudly utilize PUPPY CULTURE Protocols with all our litters. This is a stage-specific active enrichment and socialization protocol intended to make the most of the period of time that puppies’ brains are the malleable.

Before they go to their forever homes, our puppies have had their dew claws removed, been vaccinated, dewormed, potty-trained, and crate-trained. They will be sleeping through the night when you take them home.

We Pride ourselves on the Caliber of service we offer

We’re working with AKC Registered bloodlines/studs that have had genetic tests/DNA tests, giving each family the best possible combination of fun-loving, healthy, intelligent, and good-natured Goldendoodle beauty.

About the

Doodle Village

Doodle Village is a family-owned breeder of high-quality Goldendoodles. Based in Orem, along the Wasatch Front, in Utah. Doodle Village was established when Martha Wilks Harrison, a retired Registered Nurse and caregiver, had an itch for something to take the place of her previous career while raising a severely disabled grandchild. She sees dedicating her time and passion to breeding Goldendoodles as a perfect opportunity to spend her Golden Years!

At Doodle Village, it is our goal to bring well-socialized, intelligent, and healthy pups to dog-loving families who can return that love and loyalty. We invest an incredible amount of time, energy, money, knowledge, and emotion into this business.
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Most of our puppies are sold before they are born, so act fast! After sending your application to us, we’re sending you an acknowledgment email confirming that the request has been received. It will be followed by our decisions as to whether or not we approve your application.
We do highly recommend making your reservation as soon as you can to solidify your placement on our choose list. Once you’ve received confirmation that your payment has been received, you’ll be on our waiting list.

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